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Seal the Deal with Flowmark

We stock and supply gaskets in a wide range of materials and configurations, including metallic, semi-metallic, sheet and sealing gaskets to serve a wide range of applications and industries, including oil & gas, healthcare, commercial operations, food & beverage, material processing and waste & recycling.

Our team has the experience to help you engineer the right solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and meet environmental regulations.

Stock Gaskets

Flowmark takes pride in helping customers find the right gasket and fastener for any application.

Spiral Wound/Flange


We carry a large inventory of spiralwound gaskets for piping and pressure vessel flange connections.

  • Available in diameters of 1/2″ up to 26″

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

We carry a wide variety of solid metal, metal clad and metal core heat exchanger gaskets.

  • Available per customer request

Ring Joint Gasket

Ring Joint Gasket

We stock a large variety of ring joint gasket types specked to industry standards.

  • Various sizes available

Gasket Manufacturers

We carry quality safety sealing and attachment gasket solutions from top brands for a variety of applications. Visit each manufacturer’s website to learn more about their products, specifications and applications.

  • Garlock
  • Lamons
  • Flexitallic

We Design and Manufacture Custom Gaskets

Build a Gasket for Your Unique Needs

Need gaskets in unique sizes, shapes or materials? We have custom manufacturing capabilities and would be happy to discuss your application. We carry a range of materials in sheet form and have the in-house tools to custom cut gaskets to fit your application.

Custom gaskets