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Breathe Easy with Flowmark

We stock a wide range of liquid, air and gas filters. We carry standard sizes for most pleated and specialty filters including those for molecular and charcoal filtration.

We take pride in providing technologically-advanced filter solutions to meet your needs. Our experienced team can help improve your filtration systems, reducing costly downtime and lowering total cost of operations.

Stock Filters

We have deep knowledge of local, state and federal regulations and can offer advice on the right filter for your application. We routinely solve filter challenges for customers with commercial and industrial systems, providing air filtration and pollution control that improves worker and equipment productivity, reduces energy use and benefits health and the environment.

Air Filters

Air Filters

We carry a range of pleated and specialty air filters in standard sizes and configurations that meet local and federal regulations, including:

  • MERV 8
  • MERV 14
  • MERV 16
  • HEPA
  • Molecular and nuclear

Liquid Filters

Liquid Filters

We carry an extensive range of fuel filtration, particulate and coalescing filters and specialize in filters for diverse industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Environmental
  • Marine
  • Oil and gas

Gas Filters

Gas Filters

We carry a full range of gas filtration products to handle industrial filtration and can help you choose the right product for your application.

  • Cartridges
  • Housings
  • Systems
  • OEM replacements

Filter Manufacturers

We carry quality air, liquid and gas filtration solutions from top brands for a variety of industries and applications. Visit each manufacturer’s website to learn more about their products, specifications and applications.

  • Camfil
  • Fiber Bond
  • Filtration Group
  • Shawndra

We Design and Manufacture Custom Filters

Build a Filter for Your Unique Needs

Need a filter with unique dimensions, shapes or materials? We have custom manufacturing capabilities and would be happy to discuss your application. Avoid long lead times on custom filter orders by letting us cut and combine stock filters to the exact dimensions you need for optimal filtration.

Custom Filters